Our Philosophy

Train the Body

  • Technique
  • Strength
  • Flexibility

Train the Mind

  • Leadership
  • Connection
  • Defence

Train the Spirit

  • Mindfulness
  • Engagement
  • Resilience

Qualified Instructors

Leadership Development through Kohai instructors possess over half a century of combined experience. They are experts in the practice, application, and teaching of Karate.


Our Instuctors

Sensei Richard Fossey, 8th Degree Black Belt

Sensei Trudy Fossey, 6th Degree Black Belt

Sensei Andrew Morin, 4th Degree Black Belt

Sensei Chris Moland, 4th Degree Black Belt

All LDK Foundation Instructors are active on the floor. Our Instructors maintain their passion for training and teaching by remaining on the floor with their students. This not only helps them maintain their own fitness and skills but also ensures they stay connected with their students.


Karate Alberta logo

Karate Alberta

The LDK Foundation's clubs are proud members of Karate Alberta.

Karate Alberta represents over 2,000 athletes and 50 member clubs within the Province of Alberta. The Association is the only government-recognized association for Karate in Alberta.

Visit the Karate Alberta web site

Children's Classes

Little Dragons Karate (ages 5-7)

Children's Sparring Karate (ages 7-12)

Little Dragons Karate (ages 5-7)

All levels including beginner welcome!

Research has shown that young children learn well through motion and the use of game-like activities. By being actively engaged they'll remember the concepts and lessons of Karate, which trains the body, mind, and spirit. The physical training involves good conditioning; keeping kids active and off the couch. The mental training involves cooperation, confidence, and basic concepts of leadership. And certainly, feeling good about yourself and finding a place in the world helps engage the spirit. 

Kohai Program

Children's Sparring Karate (ages 7-12)

Little Dragons Karate (ages 5-7)

 The LDK Foundation Kohai program is a leadership development program that provides students with an enriched leadership experience, over-and-above the leadership training integrated into the other LDK Foundation classes. Students can enter the program upon request or by invitation from the Instructors. And, as one of the participants recently remarked; "we get to wear really cool belts!" 

Children's Sparring Karate (ages 7-12)

Children's Sparring Karate (ages 7-12)

Children's Sparring Karate (ages 7-12)

 All levels including beginner welcome!

Students will start with basics and progress to more advanced levels. Training integrates leadership development and includes drills for sparring basics, line work, freestyle sparring and strength building/cardio workouts. Sessions will also focus on the mental skills such as discipline, self-confidence and the control required to practice safe sparring. Sparring skills also support a deeper understanding of self-defence and anti-bullying.

Kumite gloves are recommended and available for purchase.

Adult Classes

Adult Karate classes that have real-life applicability for all levels of interest and ability...

Real-life applicability

We offer the unique StrengthFit Sparring class that provides a dynamic blend of old and new. We use the time-honoured fundamentals of Karate to create a deep, exciting, real-life method to build and maintain fitness, build confidence, and learn real-life defence skills applicable across all aspects of your life. Classes leverage the proven, age-old Karate basics of stancing, punching, blocking, and kicking while at the same time exploiting modern sciences such as body and motion mechanics to train the body, mind and spirit. You learn to understand core strength - how to build it, how to train it and, how to utilize it to create speed, power and focus.

All levels of Interest

StrengthFit classes provide the opportunity for all levels of interest from the weekly practitioner to the serious non-professional to workout, train and develop strength, endurance and flexibility.

All levels of ability

StrengthFit classes allow anyone to train - from the first-time beginner to master level athletes looking to deepen their knowledge, skills and abilities.

All ages

StrengthFit classes allow any youth/adult to train. Classes are designed to allow anyone from age 10 and up, to start, continue, or extend their training. Instructors have extensive experience helping students of any age/ability level join classes at any time – we will work you in.

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